Saturday, July 27, 2013

Patience B has Patience!!!

African Print
Living in an apartment, it was kind of difficult to find a bare space or a big rock to do my painting; however after thorough search with my three year old daughter around our complex, we came across a small bare blocked patterned cemented spot. Luckily there has been a construction work going on a few feet away from the site so we were able to gather some red mud from the plowed soil. I then mixed it with some cooking oil and water and painted the cemented spot with my fingers since every stick I tried to use kept braking apart. Initially I didn’t have plans about how I wanted the painting to look, however as I started painting the first block of pattern, African print came to my mind and so I painted all the blocks with the red clay and outlined the edges as well as making some of the paintings a little bit darker with a piece of used charcoal I picked up from an old mounted grill that stood a few feet away from the site. The painting was fun especially with my daughter standing by my side and pointing out my missed spots. 

Devin F strikes prehistoric gold!

Sooo..... I created my paint by bunching together one type of weed and tying them together. I used mud to paint the house, berrys to paint my cat, boyfriend, and myself and grass juice to paint the grass. Hope you like it I had a blast doing it.

Jasmin E discovers prehistoric art!

I made my paint brush out of a stick with some hair that I saved from my hair cut on Tuesday.  I used rubber bands to hold it on the stick.  I used red mud which I have plenty of in my yard and water to make my paint.  I painted a picture of my home which I am so honored to have.  Included in this painting is my fiance, my two boys and my dog (can't leave him out).  This activity was interesting my son also enjoyed helping me make my paint.  I even let him paint a picture.  He said Mom this is so Cool.  Thanks for this experience.  I love anything that brings my family together.

Ariel D takes us on a prehistoric cruise!

Amanda M. looks waaayyyyyyback!

We didn't have oil so we substituted vegetable oil.

We mixed dirt and crushed strawberries and went crazy!

We had a lot of fun doing this, my brush was a little but dilapidated but it was still fun nonetheless! :D

Amber S Gives Us The Moon and the Stars!

I painted a picture of my home with my caveman paintbrush. I live in a small house in the country with lots of trees. I added a chimney with smoke coming out because I love my wood stove on those cold nights. My paintbrush is made out of a pine stick, and pine needles. The paint I made with dirt, and honey for a dark color.

Beth M's stumpy cave painting!

Cave painting was harder than it looked! I wrapped soft wood chips with twine around a stick to create a paintbrush, using both ends. I tried to create a dark-to-light gradient as a background with the leaves, but it was a little hard on a stump. The image is of me watching my son play. I made myself so much larger because I saw such images on casts from Egyptian temples at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. They generally represented kings or masters, I just wanted to show that I was the mother, and he the child. I painted myself, and etched him, as I saw some inverted examples of cave paintings while doing my research, where the subject was outlined in white, and painted around the borders. I let him put his personal touch at the bottom of the stump to make it authentic, and he put a few blobs of mud to contribute.

Wendy C "Rocks" it!

This is my family and house that I painted. I have myself Wendy, my
husband James and my son Dylan. I used a stick and I tied an Iris from
my flower garden on tge stick with a piece of grass and an oniin
strand from my garden. I used water and oil for my painting.  This was
a really fun assignment to do and I loved the class as well. I learned
a lot in this class.

Frankie J's historical journey!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jennifer K. Conquers Nature!

I drew my family; my husband, myself, Kaitlin (step daughter), William (step son), Matthew (son).  This was created on a landscaping stone found in my yard.  My paint brush was a wittled stick with a sharp point. (see picture).  I began the piece by using only ashes (from a fire pit) and oil.  I believe I added to much oil because my husband turned out to be watery and faded.  I then added dirt from my yard and the drawings showed more color and definition.   This was not as easy as it looked and it was very messy. Not to mention the fact I was absolutely devoured by mosquitoes in the process!

Tiffany D's Family Portrait!

For this assignment I used mud and water to show me and my family moving into our new house in the mountains! I used a sunflower tied to a stick by grass as my paintbrush.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Georgia B. "Rocks" the house!

Cave Painting
I utilized red clay mud from our yard and mixed it with water in order to create my paint.  I cut green stalks of pampas grass and let the cuttings dry out for about two weeks.  I used a few stalks to tie the remainder of stalks together.  This technique worked well.  As the grass dried out the stalks became firm.  I initially thought this was going to be an easy assignment; however, when I began painting I realized how difficult it was to paint on an uneven surface.  I painted a picture of our family.  From left to right you will see me, my daughter, my son, my husband, and our small yorkie.  We have been to Disney World, as we have our mouse ears on!  I had hoped for a better outcome, but alas, this was the best I could do without a flat surface and true paintbrush.  It was a fun and challenging assignment.

Theresa C and the family on stone!

For my paintbrush I used a stick for the handle and fern for the brush bristles, I tied this with string. My cave painting is a picture of me and my two kids and our new home that we are in the process of buying. I did this because they represent my family and are my happiness.

Teresa P. and the new stone age!

Using a rock in my yard, I made my artwork of my family walking my dog while it’s getting dark outside.
I smashed blackberries with a stick I found off of a tree. I applied the blackberries to the top of the rock to make the dark sky. With water and dirt, I mixed the two materials. I used this Jackie, my dog “Buffy”, my grandson “Cayden”, Myself and my husband. After I applied the dirt and water mixture,, I added sand to the figures to try to give them the correct color of skin. I used water to show a small stream of water.
We are out for stroll with our dog at night!  

Lisa O. makes history!

My Process:  I decided to paint my picture on the stone stoop at one of the back entrances of my house.  I got some red Virginia clay and some ashes from my fire pit put them together in a clay bowl and mixed with water.  I made a brush out of dried day lily
fronds, lashed them together with a twist tie and frayed the brush edge with a scissor.
I then proceeded to paint my story.
My Story in Cave Painting:
Yesterday we made a trip down to Yogaville in Buckingham County for a festival called Guru Poornima which celebrated its founder and spiritual Guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda.  Each year on the full moon in July this sacred celebration is held throughout India and other places where Gurus are being honored and celebrated.
Yogaville is unique in that it has an amazing Universal temple called the LOTUS shrine.
It is a temple in the shape of a lotus flower that honors and holds altars for all the major world religions there is a central light that branches out to each individual altar. It is truly a beautiful shrine.  In the morning I attended an ecumenical service with representatives from all the major religions.  One of the presenters was an African woman who was assisted by a drummer.  The woman said a universal prayer and then sang a beautiful and soulful chant accompanied by the drummer. I was so moved by the soul stirring sound of the drum and the feeling of universal love that I decided to paint some of my impressions of the day.