Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lisa O. makes history!

My Process:  I decided to paint my picture on the stone stoop at one of the back entrances of my house.  I got some red Virginia clay and some ashes from my fire pit put them together in a clay bowl and mixed with water.  I made a brush out of dried day lily
fronds, lashed them together with a twist tie and frayed the brush edge with a scissor.
I then proceeded to paint my story.
My Story in Cave Painting:
Yesterday we made a trip down to Yogaville in Buckingham County for a festival called Guru Poornima which celebrated its founder and spiritual Guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda.  Each year on the full moon in July this sacred celebration is held throughout India and other places where Gurus are being honored and celebrated.
Yogaville is unique in that it has an amazing Universal temple called the LOTUS shrine.
It is a temple in the shape of a lotus flower that honors and holds altars for all the major world religions there is a central light that branches out to each individual altar. It is truly a beautiful shrine.  In the morning I attended an ecumenical service with representatives from all the major religions.  One of the presenters was an African woman who was assisted by a drummer.  The woman said a universal prayer and then sang a beautiful and soulful chant accompanied by the drummer. I was so moved by the soul stirring sound of the drum and the feeling of universal love that I decided to paint some of my impressions of the day.

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