Saturday, July 27, 2013

Patience B has Patience!!!

African Print
Living in an apartment, it was kind of difficult to find a bare space or a big rock to do my painting; however after thorough search with my three year old daughter around our complex, we came across a small bare blocked patterned cemented spot. Luckily there has been a construction work going on a few feet away from the site so we were able to gather some red mud from the plowed soil. I then mixed it with some cooking oil and water and painted the cemented spot with my fingers since every stick I tried to use kept braking apart. Initially I didn’t have plans about how I wanted the painting to look, however as I started painting the first block of pattern, African print came to my mind and so I painted all the blocks with the red clay and outlined the edges as well as making some of the paintings a little bit darker with a piece of used charcoal I picked up from an old mounted grill that stood a few feet away from the site. The painting was fun especially with my daughter standing by my side and pointing out my missed spots. 

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