Friday, July 31, 2015

Shelby blows my mind!!

The materials I used for my paintbrush were a stick, dried up stems, and fern leaves.
For the painting it was hard to find red mud so I used the closest thing to it. I used honey and oil and mixed it with my mud. In the picture you see my handprint and my family. Starting with my parents leading down to their four children. You will see the first character is holding a bow and arrow to represent the provider of the family.

Brianna shows us how it's done!

The picture that I painted is of my family, which consists of my mom and dad, and my three brothers and me. My paintbrush is made out of a stick and my brothers hair, because he decided to get a haircut. I tied the hair to the stick with straw but it wouldn't stay strong enough for me to paint so I had to tape it. My father and I found dark mud from a creek to use for paint and when I added more water to the mud it looked a lot like paint when it stuck to the rock.

Jesse gets in touch with nature!

This picture (of a man on a kayak on a summer day) depicts one of my favorite things to do during the summer time. The water is made from crushed blueberries, the kayak’s color is made from red clay along with the river’s bank. The color of the sun and of the oars was achieved by using mustard. My brush was made by attaching little sprigs of a pine tree to the end of a stick with a piece of Virginia creeper. The other end of the stick was burnt in order to create the outline for the work and the color of the man in the kayak. (It is not as black in the picture)

Terra M get's rockin!

Attached below are two pictures one contains the rock, paintbrush I made using long grass and a stick along with two flowers I planned on using, I also had some water I used to dip the paintbrush and flowers into before apply them to the rock. The orange flower did not end up working out and blended in with the rock. I ended up wetting the central brown part of the yellow flower and rubbing it onto the rock and spreading it some with the paintbrush to make my painting. My paintbrush did not work quite as well as I thought it was going to. I painted a picture of my family; me, my two boys and our dog molly along with a ball because they love to play soccer and during the spring and fall most of our free time is spent at soccer games and practices.

The Lawrences represent!

This painting depicts my love for my family including our fur-babies.  The Lawrence family includes my husband, myself, our two children, our two dogs, and two cats!  LOL!