Saturday, December 3, 2011

Amber R's Painting

Tracy S.'s cave Woman!!

one more from Nick!

Nick M.'s Epic and Heroic Dog Story!

Kaythurn K rocks the caves!

Alexander W.'s War and Peace Painting!

Sharon B.-E's work

Ashley A's Fat Cat!

Jaime C.'s Cat Tale!

Katie F.'s Painting

Valerie N's Love Cave Painting!

Samantha S.'s paintbrush

Samantha S's Painting!

Kristen M's mixed media cave painting!!

Heather T's Cave painting!

April's Epic

Ariel's work!

Tiffany G.'s painting!

Michael B.'s work!

Jacob H. Rock Painting!

Danielle B. Cave Woman!

Amber A Pulling out her hair!!!