Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Penny S.'s big new world!

I created my own paintbrush with sticks, weeds and grass.  The ingredients in my mud was dirt, water and honey.  You can see my handmade paintbrush at the bottom of the picture. The horizon in the sun represents the passage of time in my childrens lives.  As you move from left to right, from younger to older.  The sunlight from the sun represents the warm loving feeling I have of being present in their lives.

Kara T shows us how it's done!

To make my paintbrush from all thing of nature I gathered fallen yellow leaves, grass,and a twig I found. In order to make a kind of sticky substance for which I could stick together my grass, and leaves on my stick to make my brush, I mixed red mud with oil, and a little bit of water. Which is the same thing I used as paint, in my cave painting. To make the paintbrush, I folded all the leaves in half, and put some of the wet clay on the back of each leaf and stuck it to the twig. Then I put more wet clay over the front of the leaves, and stuck blades of grass on top of it. Then I waited for it to dry, and everything stuck on correctly. For my cave painting I decided to make it about where I work. I lifeguard at a country club so I tried to make it like the pool I work at every day. The rough rectangle is the shape of the pool, the lines across the middle vertically with the circles in the middle are lane lines. The v shaped marks in the pool are swimmers. I have to stick figures standing outside the pool, and those are the lifeguards. There are also blobs and dots, all around the pool, and inside it. Those are meant to be pieces of hail, and rain drops for when we had a storm yesterday. And last but not least, there's a hand print outside the pool, and that is suppose to be the blood print from my own hand, when I cut it on the lifeguard stand last week, and it got on the deck!

Sherry H. enjoying nature!

I used the retaining wall at my house.  I made the paintbrush out of crepe myrtle pods and blooms.  I pressed the pods/blooms m against the wall and the color of the bloom transferred to the wall as I smashed  turned the color of the bloom.  I chose to create a picture of my family holding hands.

Samantha L's Sunny life!

My painting is a reflection of my family My boyfriend, 3 sons, and myself standing next to our town house...The sun is above at the request of my youngest...But I also attempted to make it a basketball as that is a big part of our family. I used our brick patio wall as the medium and I used the dark dirt around our shrubs...could not find red mud when I needed it. I mixed the dirt with water initially but found honey to be a better consistency. As for the paint brush...It was fairly easy to make with leaves and sticks but not so easy to use!...Our fingers worked so much better just much messier!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Eric's Bold Art!

The subject is the view of the mountains from the back of my home.  I had thought about incorporating my wife and I into the painting, but everything I read discussing prehistoric art suggested that most often people weren't directly represented--there were of course exceptions.  What I found most interesting on the Lascaux website was the theory on the incorporation of time and seasons into every panel in the cave.  One theory suggested that by painting the most common species in succession according to when that particular species began their mating rituals (horses in spring, bovine in summer, and stags in fall) the artists were capturing their spiritual and creation beliefs.  So I chose to represent the Sun, a central part of our seasons and the life cycle of all living beings, as the Golden Spiral of the Fibonacci Sequence.
I chose my particular rock firstly because it was flat and second because there was an indentation that had the shape of a mountain (the mountain on the left).  I used some charcoals from a recent fire for the pigment.  I ground the charcoals and them combined them with water and honey until I had “paint” of a reasonable consistency.  For my brush I used a straight stick and occasionally my finger.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Victoria H.'s romantic art!

Cave Paintings! Here comes Crystal W.!

This is my caveman style drawing. It features a man holding a spear above his head, as if he is running into battle. Above him is a beaming sun and behind him is a raging rattlesnake racing to bite his heel. In order to create this,  I combined a mixture of water, dry clay, and molasses.  I carefully took the stem of my feathered paintbrush and dabbed it into the mixture onto a rock. In order to color in the man's face, I took the opposite end of my brush (feather) and swiftly brushed it back and forth until it was completely covered....and walla! I have a caveman. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Muhammad's heart is all business!

Stationery Heart

Repetition: Yes, It has repetition in colors.
Variety: Yes. There is a variety of objects like clips, catchers, markers, tape, and scissors. 
Rhythm: Yes, the outer three lines contains same objects or color.
Balance: Near symmetrical because both sides represent different colors and objects.
Emphasis: its in the middle of the heart which contains the big objects.
Lines: there is a uses of line in the outer portion of heart. there are four lines containing same kind of objects, but the three inner lines contains difference in color as well.
Texture: It's real texture and you can feel it.
Color: It contains both warm and cool colors, but majority are cool colors. A little use of primary triad is also there.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lori S. is wild at heart!

I used neutral colors except for the smallest amount of green. I used real texture in much of this piece, and that is what my piece is about actually, texture. Shape is used as well as contour lines on the outside of the piece, but the middle is in complete chaos, nothing is organized. This is a shallow space.

Crystal W.'s Natural Heart!

Heart Piece 1: Nature Fiasco
Space: Shallow
Repetition: colors (orange, yellow),
Balance: symmetrical
Texture: rough, smooth, jagged
Variety: different textures, colors, shapes, objects

Diane G.'s Healthy heart!

These are my favorite vegetables,spinach, kale, sprouts and blueberries, I eat them everyday.  My medium is delicious and was right in my refrigerator.
Size 16"x26"
Elements:Space, Line, Texture, Value, Color, Principles: Repetition, Variety, Rhythm, Balance, Emphasis, Economy, Proportion
Space: The space is shallow.  The image is on a table top.
Line: The overlapping vegetables create horizontal implied line.
Texture: Real, Soft.
Value: Lighting is bright, color is dark
Color: Warm colors, greens of spinach, sprouts and Kale.  Blues of blueberries and cloth.  Monochromatic greens with emphasis.
Repetition and Rhythm in the arrangement of the spinach in a horizontal manner, the heart shape of the kale and diagonal pattern in the blueberry heart. Repeated use of green and heart shapes.
Variety and Rhythm: all natural edible items.
Focal Point Two the outer blueberry heart ring and the smaller inner blueberry heart.
Economy: Achieved in limited use of media and color, all edible items.
Proportion size of art and blueberries are the reference points.

Kara T's Yummy heart!

For my second piece of art I focused on the principles of repetition, and variety. Repetition by the fact that I used my food items over and over again, throughout the shape of the heart, and variety through the different layers of foods that I chose. My purpose and intent was to make fun, and healthy snack foods look cute, and appetizing in a tasty, non- intimidating fashion! For my elements I focused on static shapes because all my food items in the heart were resting and stable.