Thursday, June 16, 2016

Joyce S. expensive heart!

“Every Penny counts; pennies make dollars”
o   Is this Symmetrical or near symmetrical balance? Why? My piece is near symmetrical in balance because if it wasn’t for the center heart and dollar, it would have been symmetrical making both half’s appear as a mirror images.  But with the focal point of the piece it would not be mirrored the same on both sides.
o   What is your specific theme? (what is this piece about?)  My piece is about how each penny counts and pennies make dollars.  This was motivated by us preparing to send my daughter off to college and offsetting her tuition expense. 
o   Specific color relationship- name it (monochromatic, secondary triad etc) The colors in my piece are bit monochromatic; same color but different shades, though mainly neutral including the background with cool accents.
o   Variety of media (4 or more different things) Name them: The media I used are string, pennies, a card board heart in the center and a $1 bill.
o   What Interesting background did you use? How does this background relate to your theme? My background was a old side table that stood out because of its dark yet neutral color scheme, the texture of the wood which gives it a rustic look along with the pennies and string surrounding the piece.  This background helps the piece actually illuminate a bit and stand out despite all being in the neutral color family.
o   How is your Craftsmanship? (neatness) Over all I think the craftsmanship was neat and intentional.  You will notice mostly all of the pennies are on heads with 4 randomly on their tales. (can you find them all?).
o   Is your design complicated? Explain. The design was not too complicated, but a bit tedious as the pennies all had to be turned and would slide off the edges of the string.  It took about 45min or so to really get my shape right, and stagger the coins in the right place.  I actually looked at this piece for 3 days and changed with adding and taking away things until I was pleased with the one I’m submitting.   
o   How did you use repetition? Be specific!  I used repetition in the placement of the pennies in heart formation in a repetitive positioning.
o   How did you create Rhythm? Be specific.  I had to look really long and hard at this piece for rhythm.  I guess you could say there is rhythm in the way the pennies that are layered on top of the others that were laid with more precision.  Also, if you look closely at the center heart there are lines of waves present.    
o   What is the focal point? How did you achieve it? The focal point I would say is the purple/pink heart in the center with the dollar bill.  However you can’t help draw your eyes to the shinier copper pennies throughout the piece.
o   What other elements and/or principles of design did you use? Other elements or principles of design include value, real texture, outlines, shallow space, and shape.  Shape is tough to define because it’s not your average square, rectangle triangle, though I would still say it’s more of a geometrical shape.