Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beth M's stumpy cave painting!

Cave painting was harder than it looked! I wrapped soft wood chips with twine around a stick to create a paintbrush, using both ends. I tried to create a dark-to-light gradient as a background with the leaves, but it was a little hard on a stump. The image is of me watching my son play. I made myself so much larger because I saw such images on casts from Egyptian temples at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. They generally represented kings or masters, I just wanted to show that I was the mother, and he the child. I painted myself, and etched him, as I saw some inverted examples of cave paintings while doing my research, where the subject was outlined in white, and painted around the borders. I let him put his personal touch at the bottom of the stump to make it authentic, and he put a few blobs of mud to contribute.

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