Saturday, August 2, 2014

Brianna's Brave New World!

For my tools I chose two thin sticks, and tapered each differently to get different bristles for detail work, and my fingers were used for filling in larger areas of rock. The paints were composed of mashed beets, oil, and ground cinnamon. The rock proved darker than anticipated, so coffee grounds were also used. The rock painting depicts an airplane above a group of people holding an American flag. This symbolizes my father's time in the military, and my mother, brother and I traveled with him as much as we could. My mother's side of the family came from Europe, Poland to be specific, and my father's side as well are Norwegian. However they married and raised my brother and I mostly in the United States. At the very top of the rock four figures holding hands symbolize my family.

Diane's Opus!

All natural tools; marigold buds, lambs ear leaves and stems, fireplace ashes, abundant clay soil.  Paint media derived from flowers, clay

Carla's Handy work!

For my paintbrush, I ended up just using my hand, and I used honey, water, and mud. I decided to draw fish and the stars. My family is from Barbados and island and water culture is a main staple of or family.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Matthew J's epic painting!

One of the brushes is a small stick with a group of pines tied together with a piece of grass. The other paint brush is a piece of straw used to make small lines. The paint is composed of water with red mud mixed into a small cup. The painting tells a story of my family going on vacation to visit a lighthouse.

Taimoor's town!

I have used an olive stick to make my brush. One end was soaked in water for some time and then I cut the skin off and separated the tissues to give it the hairy design. Some chewing was involved too..

I used honey, water and dirt. I couldn't find red dirt around the house so I went with the brown one which was available. 

I used the patio surface on front door to be the canvas (it was the only dry place I found after rain). The pictures shows me and my sweet wife next to our house, along with the tree which I love because it keeps my car cold during hot summer days.

Karen's Wild Wild West!

I live near the Chesapeake Bay, so there are no large rocks in my yard. Luckily my sister asked me to go with her to Smith Mountain Lake several weeks ago. My painting shows my family. In the painting is my husband,myself and my daughter. We are outside near a campfire and going up the hill is our dog Uni. I drew my family and dog with the red clay earth mixed with water. I used burnt  campfire wood remains for eyes and Uni's ears and campfire in drawing. This was created with a small stick dipped into clay or burnt cinders. The grass was made by rubbing green leaves on rock. The sun setting was by yellow flowers rubbed on surface.

Lori S. Shows us the goods!

I used corn silk and husk as a brush, but it didn't work so well, so I switched to using the blooms of orange/red marigolds. When the blooms were crushed into the rock they created a red/orange base to my rock painting. I then dipped the left over head of the marigold into smashed blackberries mixed with a bit of oil and covered the figures again to make a darker picture. My cave painting is myself, my significant other, our 2 girls, our 2 dogs, and our cat with a big sun overhead. The first picture is the painting and the second is the paint brushes.

Rudolph's Family Pride!

Attached is my Art 100 assignment #8.  I used what I thought meant the most to me and that was my name and family.  My initials of my family are all RC. Rudolph Carey, Rashawnda Carey, Rain Carey and Rudolph Carey IV.  Therefore I painted RC4.   Hope you enjoy.

Bethany M's Brave New World!

For my paintbrush i used a stick and some dog hair, and pulled some weeds to wrap around the dog hair so it would stay on the stick. This project was more difficult then i thought it would be, between mixing the mud with water and trying to get the mud on the paintbrush and not lose the dog hair off the stick or not to break the stick while painting the cavemen. In my painting i have my 3 dogs, my daughter, husband and myself. I painted it on the front step of my home, it is neat to look at it everyday and how long its lasting even through the rain.

Welcome to Ozan's World!

Attached is a picture of my cave painting and tools.  We gathered red mud from our yard and added some water to make a paint, using the stick in the picture to mush and mash up the clay clumps.  I used stripped branches of a Scotch broom for the thin lines and wrapped up some leaves from reeds growing in our yard for thicker lines.  I chose to draw a picture of our house and our family, including our dog Angus, as we have just celebrated 1 year since we moved into our first owned home and love our house.  In my second picture you can see that my daughter is really interested tin contributing.