Monday, April 30, 2012

Jon B's First Cave Painting!

Tina G.'s Country Painting!

Tina says: My brush was made from a stick, pine needles and vine. I was surprised to find the needles actually help the dirt/water/honey mixture. Mt "cave painting" represents myself and my tiwns. My daughter loves horses and my son loves tractors. They will both be persuing their loves after graduation from VT this May.

Josh M's Art Imitating Life!

Josh Says:One of the pictures has my paintbrush in it. It was a three leaf stem and for the smaller lines I could flip the brush and use the hard tip for my smaller lines. My painting is ironic actually! It is a picture of me drawing the assignment as my work haha

John C's Painting!

John Says:I made the brush out of a stick with vines and grass holding the cat hair brisseles on the stick. I used vegtable oil and fine ground up dirt for the paint. This picture is supposed to be me as a cave man hunting food with my domesticated beast on a sunny day.

Leslie C. Goes Wild!

Nick T's Prehistoric Adventure!!

Christina P.'s New York Adventure!

Christina Says: I decided to paint this picture as a representation of when I watched the sunset over Lake Ontario while visiting my uncle in Oswego, NY. I can still remember standing on the rock covered beach and watching the waves crash in at my feet as the sun began to set out over the lake in the distance, it was a truly beautiful site. I was unable to find a rock to paint on which is why I decided to do so instead on a fence post. I tried to use basic shapes to express what was happening; a girl, waves, and a sun. I have attached four pictures because due to the sun it was difficult to get a really good shot of the entire picture itself. I wanted to make certain that it was clear what I had done.

Will W.'s Nature Adventure!

In the cave painting assignment I used a fallen pine branch from my back yard. The fallen branch has nicely shaped needles that seem almost like a paintbrush that we use today. The make-shift paintbrush held up very well during the exercise, and served its purpose well. After I finished with the paintbrush I mixed oil in with some very rich soil from my back yard. I also chose a big rock that sits out in my backyard as well. In the picture I decided to draw a picture of a hunter shooting a deer with his bow and arrow. I also decided to place a sun in the picture along with grass. I wanted to establish the scenery to sort of liven the picture up. As I was doing this exercise it made me aware of the fact that cave people couldn’t just stop in a store and get the right type of paint or the utensils to accomplish the work. They made everything that they had and very primitive but with what I have seen I am pretty impressed with a lot of the art.

Stacey M's Painting!

Stacey says: The painting is of a tree in my back yard. I used pieces of some fancy grass to give it some color. The paint brush is made of a stick I found and I used pieces of grass and more of the fancy grass that was torn into longer pieces to tie the grass to the stick.

Mary H Tells All!

Alden's Big Adventure!!

Will says:
The picture depicts my brother and I hunting a white tailed deer. The linear discoloration on the deer is an arrow and the deer’s front legs are up in reaction. The tools I used were oil, multiple types of clay of different pigments, a soft weathered (or rotten) rock of a light pigment and charcoal and a smashed stick for a brush for the oil. The only tools not included in the picture were my hands which turned out to be the most useful implement for spreading the clays and dirt.

Will B.'s Epic!

Will says: The picture illustrate birds flying over the mountains. Gracefully ascending in the sky without worrying or caring.

Barbara F.'s True Story!

Rebecca Carter's Fab Piece!

Rebecca Says: The cave painting represents my family and our repair business. Mom, Dad, and I are together and surrounded by a chainsaw, a trimmer, a wrench, and a hammer. It represents our everyday lives. The paint is made from a mixture of honey and red clay.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chelsey B and Crystal M take charge!

Crystal says: I made the brush by banging a stick between two rocks until it was separated to form what looked like bristles of a brush. I used oil and dirt for the paint. My painting is (or should be) of a cave man with a drum around a fire with the moon above his head. I would like to think of him as having some sort of celebration.

Jon Baynes makes art history!

Jon says: I tried to depict a pic of me running home to meet my family.

Jordan S. makes art!

Melanie C. creates history!

Melanie says: " I decided to make a picture of my family, including our dog Miles. In the picture, he is laying under the tree in our backyard- his favorite spot. I know that cave paintings never include part of the landscape, but I needed to include the tree because it is almost a part of my dog Miles. In the sky are smaller figures which represent my mother, father, step-dad, and other relatives who we care about. Our lizard died a few months ago, so I painted a picture of him under our feet, underground."

Jeff Carey's Painting!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jenny R's Cave Painting!

Jenny R. says:I used dirt mixed with oil for the tree trunk, mashed peas for the grass and the leaves, and mashed carrots for the deer. To paint, I used a small stick and some kind of flower I found in my backyard. Isn't this great?