Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Georgia B. "Rocks" the house!

Cave Painting
I utilized red clay mud from our yard and mixed it with water in order to create my paint.  I cut green stalks of pampas grass and let the cuttings dry out for about two weeks.  I used a few stalks to tie the remainder of stalks together.  This technique worked well.  As the grass dried out the stalks became firm.  I initially thought this was going to be an easy assignment; however, when I began painting I realized how difficult it was to paint on an uneven surface.  I painted a picture of our family.  From left to right you will see me, my daughter, my son, my husband, and our small yorkie.  We have been to Disney World, as we have our mouse ears on!  I had hoped for a better outcome, but alas, this was the best I could do without a flat surface and true paintbrush.  It was a fun and challenging assignment.

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