Monday, October 12, 2015

Raven M's outdoorsy heart!

Design #1
The overall theme of this design was a heart. I used five different types of media: dried twigs of basil seed, pebbles, miniature stamps, red flower cuttings from a pineapple sage plant, and twine. I constructed the heart on top of a circular, concrete slab. My overall goal was to give the heart a rustic, natural appearance. To accomplish this, I primarily used neutral colors. The neutrality can be seen in the dark brown of the basil seeds; the white and beige of the pebbles; the cream-colored wood of the stamps; the beige of the twine; and the gray of the concrete slab. Splashes of red add vibrant coloring to the piece from the lettering of the stamps, and the flower cuttings. The piece is symmetrically balanced, and boasts repetition in the twigs of basil seed surrounding the heart outlined by the stamps, which in turn outline the heart made of pebbles. The twine adds rhythm to the piece, as it moves fluidly in a circle around the hearts. The focal point of the piece is the heart of pebbles at the center.

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