Monday, October 12, 2015

Regina R's lovely hearts!

My first piece of art is based on the love I have for my dogs.  I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do something dog related without just adding pictures of my dogs.  So I decided to use what they love probably more than they love me, which are treats and food.  

This piece is symmetrical, dog themed and uses neutral colors.  I used the different sized dog treats, dog food and rice a my mediums and my background is my dining room table because I felt it has really good lines that focused to eye to the heart.  I used the larger pieces for the larger hearts and then progressively smaller pieces for the smaller hearts within the large heart.  I was very happy with the final piece.  ​

My second piece of art was inspired by a wedding I attended this past weekend.  I made several different pieces of art using this material and although I like some of the others more, I chose this one because it best fit the assignment.  I did send the bride some of the pictures of the other pieces and she really like it and will use it in her scrape book.

This piece has a near symmetrical balance with a wedding theme and uses neutral as well as tertiary colors.  I used rice as the main background, the flower bouquet I caught at the reception and some other items from the reception that I brought home as keepsakes.  I tried to repeat the heart I made from the rope with the heart that was on the program.  ​

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