Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mary B's country heart

Farmers market

For my first heart picture I used blueberries, cherries, a decorative colander, dish towels and place them on a wooden chair outdoors.  I wanted the picture to have a "farm" feeling.  I wanted it to be bright, crisp and clean.  I placed the blueberries in the center to be the focal point of the picture and then outlined them with the cherries.  I wanted the cherries and blueberries to draw the viewer in first.  I put them in the white and blue colander to emphasize their colors.  This piece uses polychromatic coloring with darker colors overlapping the neutral colors.  The butterfly was an added bonus to the piece when he happened to land on the chair as I was about to take the picture.  It actually adds to the feeling I was going for.  The cherries and blueberries are from a local farm.

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