Saturday, June 27, 2015

Katherine's delicious heart!!!!!

For this project, I wanted to focus on my love of summertime and the colors of summertime, so for the first piece I used summertime fruits that I had in the fridge. The project is as symmetrical or nearly symmetrical as I could make it given the fact that the media (the blueberries and cherries) kept trying to roll away. It is a polychromatic piece that is mainly based on the primary color trio (R-Y-B) with the secondary color of green to add contrast within the piece and unify the piece with its background of collard leaves. The backdrop/setting is a neutral colored brown kitchen table. It is composed of heart shapes that radiate concentrically from the focal point (the blueberries) and it has repetition of shapes (hearts and circles) and color to create rhythm. It is also a piece that uses various types of (real) textures within the piece.
Materials: 16 inch round aluminum pizza tray, collard leaves, cherries, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, mangoes, blueberries
Polychromatic Colors: Primary (Red, Yellow, Blue); Secondary (Green)
Warm colors: Red and Yellow, Cool Colors Blue and Green
Neutral color: Brown
Elements/Principles of Design: Color, texture, repetition, rhythm, value, shape, balance, and unity.

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