Monday, July 28, 2014

Eric's Bold Art!

The subject is the view of the mountains from the back of my home.  I had thought about incorporating my wife and I into the painting, but everything I read discussing prehistoric art suggested that most often people weren't directly represented--there were of course exceptions.  What I found most interesting on the Lascaux website was the theory on the incorporation of time and seasons into every panel in the cave.  One theory suggested that by painting the most common species in succession according to when that particular species began their mating rituals (horses in spring, bovine in summer, and stags in fall) the artists were capturing their spiritual and creation beliefs.  So I chose to represent the Sun, a central part of our seasons and the life cycle of all living beings, as the Golden Spiral of the Fibonacci Sequence.
I chose my particular rock firstly because it was flat and second because there was an indentation that had the shape of a mountain (the mountain on the left).  I used some charcoals from a recent fire for the pigment.  I ground the charcoals and them combined them with water and honey until I had “paint” of a reasonable consistency.  For my brush I used a straight stick and occasionally my finger.

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