Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kara T shows us how it's done!

To make my paintbrush from all thing of nature I gathered fallen yellow leaves, grass,and a twig I found. In order to make a kind of sticky substance for which I could stick together my grass, and leaves on my stick to make my brush, I mixed red mud with oil, and a little bit of water. Which is the same thing I used as paint, in my cave painting. To make the paintbrush, I folded all the leaves in half, and put some of the wet clay on the back of each leaf and stuck it to the twig. Then I put more wet clay over the front of the leaves, and stuck blades of grass on top of it. Then I waited for it to dry, and everything stuck on correctly. For my cave painting I decided to make it about where I work. I lifeguard at a country club so I tried to make it like the pool I work at every day. The rough rectangle is the shape of the pool, the lines across the middle vertically with the circles in the middle are lane lines. The v shaped marks in the pool are swimmers. I have to stick figures standing outside the pool, and those are the lifeguards. There are also blobs and dots, all around the pool, and inside it. Those are meant to be pieces of hail, and rain drops for when we had a storm yesterday. And last but not least, there's a hand print outside the pool, and that is suppose to be the blood print from my own hand, when I cut it on the lifeguard stand last week, and it got on the deck!

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