Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Diane G.'s Healthy heart!

These are my favorite vegetables,spinach, kale, sprouts and blueberries, I eat them everyday.  My medium is delicious and was right in my refrigerator.
Size 16"x26"
Elements:Space, Line, Texture, Value, Color, Principles: Repetition, Variety, Rhythm, Balance, Emphasis, Economy, Proportion
Space: The space is shallow.  The image is on a table top.
Line: The overlapping vegetables create horizontal implied line.
Texture: Real, Soft.
Value: Lighting is bright, color is dark
Color: Warm colors, greens of spinach, sprouts and Kale.  Blues of blueberries and cloth.  Monochromatic greens with emphasis.
Repetition and Rhythm in the arrangement of the spinach in a horizontal manner, the heart shape of the kale and diagonal pattern in the blueberry heart. Repeated use of green and heart shapes.
Variety and Rhythm: all natural edible items.
Focal Point Two the outer blueberry heart ring and the smaller inner blueberry heart.
Economy: Achieved in limited use of media and color, all edible items.
Proportion size of art and blueberries are the reference points.

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