Monday, June 16, 2014

Penny S gets the hearts rolling!

Heart #2 - Games of Hearts 
   This piece was more of a fun piece to create.  I used pieces from four different games to design a heart of fun.  My whole family loves to play games and put puzzles together so I thought how appropriate it would be to design a heart out of something we love.  The games included Othello, Rummikub, Checkers and Blokus.

Repetition - Yes, repetition in all the games pieces and color patterns to design the heart
Variety - Yes, pieces from four different games
Rhythm - Yes, the alternating color patterns of the black a white Othello pieces in the middle.  Also the alternating red and black checkers along the outside of the heart. Just the fact that I used all game pieces supports a rhythm to the piece
Balance - Near Symmetrical, the inside red and green pieces would not match perfectly to support a symmetrical piece and neither would the numbers on the rummikub pieces
Emphasis - Color, I believe your eye is drawn all over the piece rather than one specific focal point
Line - I see vertical and horizontal lines within the green and red Blokus pieces in the center of the heart, overall shape of a heart.
Texture - Real texture, it exists in real life
Color - The middle consists of complimentary colors with the red and green.  The white and black Othello are neutrals because they contrast each other.  The Rummikub numbers around the heart are a primary triad with the red, yellow and blue. 

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