Friday, June 20, 2014

Susan L. tells her story!!

Recently, in my household we have had many reasons to celebrate with multiple graduations and holidays.  Also, when your husband is employed by a beer distributor like is just stacked in our garage craving an ice packed cooler!  So, I decided to use the beer as well as some of my husband's freebie aluminum can koozies that clutter the back of his work vehicle.  I borrowed the bottle caps from my children's "art collectibles" bin to help provide the inner heart filler.

Repetition: Exists in many forms in this piece.  One way is the circular shapes of the components with the minor exception of the koozies.  Repetition also exists in the design of how each component continues to generate the heart shape as it spreads out from the core.

Variety:  Exists in the different types of beers and beer containers that are incorporated into the design. The koozies and red solo cups also serve as a variety element in that they both have an intended manufactured purpose to "hold" the beers.

Balance: Near Symmetrical, I was unable to achieve perfect symmetry with the bottle caps in the middle of the heart.  As well as with the koozies on the perimeter of the design.  

Rhythm: Achieved in the spacing of the different components around the core as they spread outward.  Rhythm exists in the repetition of the circular shaped objects used such as the bottle caps, brown beer bottles, aluminum beer cans, and the solo cups that generate a pattern from the inside to outside of the heart. 

Emphasis: The red solo cups are the focal point mainly because their rich red color explodes with the bright orange colored koozies as their back drop.

Unity: Oh Yeah... We typically reference red solo cups with the consumption of alcohol. The Beer itself is unified because they are all in a cylinder format for bottling reasons and they contain alcohol as a similar ingredient. The circular shapes that generate the shape of the heart from looking down on it provide unity. The koozies and red solo cups also serve as a common element in that they both have an intended manufactured purpose to "hold" the beers or liquid.

Line: The bottled beers, the beers in the aluminum cans, and the solo cups each provide some type of line as they aid the shape of the heart.  The outer most edges of the koozies generates an implied line as well.  

Texture: The design exists in real life therefore, it is real in texture.

Color: This piece is warm with cool accents.  Neutral colors of the overall concrete back ground and beers provide an increased emphasis on the red solo cups.

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