Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eric's Tough Heart!

For the second one I had the idea of an exploding heart.  Again my mental image was not quite realized.  I used split wood, two branches, a splitting maul, and the previously un-split section at the base.  It was raining, so the gravel under my shed became the background.
Again, there is lots of repetition: the angles, grain, and colors of the split wood.  There is a sense of rhythm created by all the wood falling away from the maul and the viewer.  The darker branches were supposed to accentuate that rhythm, but…
There is a little variety.  Mainly resulting from the difference in shade between the split wood, stump, and branches.  The yellow handle of the maul provides variety of color and texture.
This is again near symmetrical and that is true to the idea that I had—the symmetry of the heart was to balance the chaos of the exploding stump.
The emphasis appears to be in the bottom of the stump.
I would say this is an example of three-dimensional space.
Everything is proportional.
I attempted to use the lines of the split would and the branches to create the sense of explosion.  There is also straight lines created by the split stump and the maul.
The texture is real, definitely rough. 
Value applies more than color.  There are certainly different colors in the split wood, branches, and base, but they are all sort of different values of the same substance.

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