Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bethany M., Queen of the Stone Age!

Love in Nature
Repetition: The rocks are repeated throughout the art piece along with the heart shape.
Variety: Variety of nature: Rocks, sand, leaves, and mulch
Balance: The shape and color of rocks make both sides different, but with the shape of the heart consistent keeps the art work balanced.
Rhythm: The heart shape shows rhythm as it goes from leaves, to sand, to rocks.
Emphasis: The 3 heart shapes leaves with smallest inside the one and medium leaf inside larger leaf makes the eye go directly to the center, and with the green of the leaves stands out with the neutral colors.
Texture: The rocks give a rough feel, then with the coolness of the sand, and smoothness of the leaves. 
Color: Monochromatic, Green w/
Neutral colors: Brown, and White

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