Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ozan blows my mind!

1. Button Heart:  I am the repository for both of my grandmothers and mothers sewing leftovers and as a result have accumulated a lot of notions.  Some of these buttons I recognize as extras from clothing that was made for me and my siblings when we were younger.
 -Color Harmonies: this is polychromatic, utilizing neutral, cool and warm colors.
 -Texture: This has real texture
 -Balance: Symmetrical balance.  Although each specific button may not correspond exactly, the color, type, placement and shape of buttons correspond on each side.
 -Repetition: The interior heart and exterior heart repeat, as do the circular shape of the buttons and spools of thread

 -Emphasis/Focal point: The red interior heart draws attention to the center of the piece.

2. Salad heart:  We like to eat our vegetables! There is a salad of some sort at every dinner in our house and we are fortunate to be able to eat together most nights.  Eating together is an important ritual for our family.
 -Color harmonies: This heart uses a combination of warm and cool colors
 -Texture: This has real texture
 -Shape: This is composed of items of organic form
 -Value contrast: The light of the cheese against the dark of the spinach leaves and tomatoes, the pale green cucumber against the vibrant carrot
 -Emphasis: Placement and repetition of colors/patterns creates emphasis
 -Repetition: There is repetition in the lines of carrots/cucumbers

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