Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Carla H. Shares her love!

These are materials found in my husband and I’s wine and spirits bar.
Repetition: Wine corks, stoppers, wine foil cutters, mixed drink strainers, and wine glass charms evenly and symmetrically surround the wine corkscrew in the middle.
Variety: Wine corks, stoppers, wine foil cutters, wine glass charms, mixed drink strainers, and a wine corkscrew.
Rhythm: Beginning to end. Strainers, foil cutters, corkscrew and corks prepare the drinks, the wine glass charms identify the drink while drinking it, and then the stoppers close the remainder.
Texture: Real
Shape: Geometric
Balance: Symetrical
Color: Polychromatic. I tried to separate the cool from warm colors on each side of the heart. Most of the colors are tertiary, complementary, and neutral.
Space: Shallow

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