Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Susan S. unchains her heart!

I wanted to create to hearts to be clashing with one another yet similar. I love all things nature so the first heart was very second nature to me, luckily my dad is a welder and had metal materials to compliment and counter the natural heart correctly. I put them in the same picture to show the unity between the two pieces even though they clash. I included my feet in the picture to show the size of the pieces. I painted the background of the natural heart gold to match the mud and gold to add a "metal" connection as well as the leafs, flower and shape.  I have a love for yin and yang, and in an abstract way wanted to represent them. 

Materials: Left: mud, spray paint, flowers, leafs, charcoal
                  Right: aluminum brushes, steel flowers, Iron railing bits, chains,  iron chain connectors

Line: both pieces use outline to draw the viewers eyes to the heart. 

Color: Left: Polychromatic, many colors with no specific category. 
            Right: Neutrals, use of black, white, and grey. 

Shape: Left: Organic shape, the heart is about natural nature.
              Right: Positive and Negative shape, this piece is about the inhabited and not inhabited space alike both bring great meaning to the piece.

Texture: Both are real texture.

Value: Left: this one is not about value.
             Right: contrast, to exaggerate the strong differences between the white background and the dark values within the piece.

Balance: Both: near symmetrical balance, symmetry was the goal for both pieces unfortunately the wind had a different plan for the Left and stole multiple leafs. 

Rhythm: Both: casual Repetition is used in both pieces, left- charcoal, leafs, flowers. eight- metal, flowers, leafs, paint brushes. Also repetition exists between the two pieces: "leafs" "flowers" "hearts."

Unity: Left: all natural found objects that exist in nature *except the gold spry paint which was representing actual gold. 
           Right: All man made materials that are considered very "unemotional" or the opposite of natural, almost completely made of metal. 

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