Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jessica H.'s SWEETheart!

For my first heart design, I chose to construct the heart out of old candy from my Christmas stocking and Easter basket that I knew I would never eat. This piece has a near symmetrical balance, as I ran out of red and yellow sixlets in the top of the right hand side and had to use gumballs. The specific theme for this heart is one similar to a candy store, while the color theme is the primary color triad consisting of red, yellow, and blue.  The composition of this heart consisted of a variety of media, including: Dots, Sixlets, Skittles, peanut M&Ms, and gumballs. It also had different shades of red Twizzlers used to give it a real texture background. Repetition and rhythm can be found in multiple places in this heart. For one, the Dots that form the outline of the heart are repetitive from yellow to red. In addition, the filling of the heart repeats in lines of yellow and red. This heart also showcases an emphasis point of a blue circle of Sixlets in the middle of the heart.

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