Sunday, June 23, 2013

Devin F. Blows My Mind!

"A Mechanic's Heart".  The main Principle of Design is repletion due to the repeating pattern that fills in the heart. The element used is real textures, due to the rear texture of the treads on the bolts. The heart is filled with nitrogen valve stem caps, hex nuts and gold bolts. the black out line is a serpentine belt and the right side is shadowed by bearings. I would at a ford dealer and the parts department was more then excited to provide me with the items to create my heart. This is near symmetrical, all neutrals and uses alot of repetition (see the pattern in the background, the use of the same kind of nuts and bolts and the repeat of the heat shape by the nuts and bolts, the belt and the stem caps on the right. Rhythm is created through the repetition.

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