Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ariel is full of heart!

For the colored pencil one. The heart itself is made out of perler beads. I made the heart individually and ironed it, then I decided to take the colored pencils and make them sort of rival each other as the 'warm color' vs 'cool color' sides until they eventually met up at the ends. I enjoy using colored pencils as you can see and I enjoy making perler bead creations so I thought this would greatly reflect who I am! I also wanted to try and take a meaningful approach. The heart colors are colors I'm actually fond of. Black, purple, pink, light pink, then white. I thought they all blended in well together as well.

As for the other one, I wanted to create more of a light color scheme. There was my rabbit's bedding which made the actual base of the heart and then around it I put watercolor tubes in the color wheel formation. Then I took some ceiling stars and though it's difficult to see I made a pattern so that each color matched up at each side. For the final touches I added my silver bracelets all around as well as a flower to give it an elegant feeling. Everything here I use in some way or another.

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