Friday, June 15, 2012

Brittany H's Heart!

The space for the heart is 3D because real objects are used in the making of the shape. In one piece I have white chocolate chips, almonds, and spinach. In the other piece the most 3D objects that are noticeable are the screwdriver, golf tees, and buttons. The piece made with food has a focal point with the small M&M heart in the center of the larger heart. Both figures have the same ground as the light wooden tables. The first piece has geometric shapes with the buttons, washers, and coins. All the shapes come together on both pieces to be positive shapes because they work together to create hearts, and static shapes because they are not moving. The first piece has a lot of neutrals with the pop top tabs, coins, washers, and keys. Many of the buttons appear to be neutral too because the black, white and gray buttons take over, but there is some primary triad buttons. In the other piece there is the primary triad of M&Ms in the small heart in the middle, even though the color looks orange it is red but is affected by the lighting. Both pieces have real textures but are not completely obvious to the viewer. Both pictures have some sort of symmetry. The first piece has near symmetrical balance because the same shape is on both sides but the filling in of the shape is what throws of the symmetry. The second pieces tries to be identical on both sides so the piece shows formal or symmetrical balance. The second piece has a point of emphasis with the smaller heart in the middle made out of M&Ms. Both pictures has a great deal of variety both in colors and textures. In the first piece the texture variety is a lot easier to recognize, and the second piece the color variety is easier to recognize. Both pieces have unity because they create the heart shape that is full, if anything was missing it would seem like the heart has a hole in it and could evoke feelings of sadness or heartbreak instead of the heart seeming to be full.

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