Monday, April 30, 2012

Will W.'s Nature Adventure!

In the cave painting assignment I used a fallen pine branch from my back yard. The fallen branch has nicely shaped needles that seem almost like a paintbrush that we use today. The make-shift paintbrush held up very well during the exercise, and served its purpose well. After I finished with the paintbrush I mixed oil in with some very rich soil from my back yard. I also chose a big rock that sits out in my backyard as well. In the picture I decided to draw a picture of a hunter shooting a deer with his bow and arrow. I also decided to place a sun in the picture along with grass. I wanted to establish the scenery to sort of liven the picture up. As I was doing this exercise it made me aware of the fact that cave people couldn’t just stop in a store and get the right type of paint or the utensils to accomplish the work. They made everything that they had and very primitive but with what I have seen I am pretty impressed with a lot of the art.

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