Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jivannie M.'s Sterile Heart!

Sterile Love
The image is near symmetric with the outlines of gauze and tape
Medical theme- layered sterile field of gauze outline by 2 inch and 1 inch plastic and paper tape, with syringes in the inside of the tape rolls, which makes the heart shape outline 3D
The main color is white with a little blue so I think it is monochromatic
This image has a variety of objects used to create the image- 1 inch round tape, 2 inch round tape tape, long cylinder syringes, and square shaped gauze. As for the principles of design there is some variety with the different objects
Background is a clear glass on a wood table. There is gauze outline shape of a heart with a tape outline and then in the inside of the tape outline there is layered gauze.
This image is some what neat, but is fragile due to the light objects
The square gauze outline was complicated to keep layered and in line as a heart shape
The image shows repetition with the outline layer of gauze and inside layer of gauze
I think the outside layer of gauzes show rhythm compared to the inside layer of gauze
Looking at this image the emphasis is on the tape outline with the syringes sticking out. I think that it what gets the viewers attention first.

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