Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dean W's Temptation Heart!

Temptation (Piece with candle)
* Symmetrical Balance- Everything is the same on both sides of the heart.
* The theme is self-affliction. This is why there is money, pills, and baking soda (symbol for cocaine), and tacks on the outside. The inside is rather dead and dull. I put in dark green tea leaves to make it look like dead grass. The last hope of the heart is the candle representing that even though there are terrible things in this world, nothing can actually fully take over the heart.
* polychromatic because there are more than 2 colors in the design.
* Media-Tea leaves, Candle,Coins, Dollar Bills, Tacks, Baking Soda, and Pills
* Repetition-the tea leaves,pills,coins, and tacks
* Rhythm-The Rhythm of the coins and the money
* real texture
* implied lines
* variety (yes)
* organic shape
* light value with the candle light
* Focal point is the candle

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  1. I love your intended meaning in this piece! Really resonates with me right now!