Saturday, December 5, 2015

Summer's Epic!

I created the paintbrush using a stick (that I found outside) for the handle, some of my dog's hair for the bristles, and grass to tie the hair to the handle. The first picture that is shown is of my "cave painting." It isn't quite creative because I painted the scene on the stones by my front porch, and the "paint" didn't turn out quite as well as I had intended. I created the paint using the dark brown dirt in my yard mixed with water. I suppose you could say that I employed a watercolor-like technique because my images are loosely painted and created using more water than dirt. The stones tell a story of my large family! The stone on the very left includes my father-in-law, my mother-in-law, my husband, and myself. The "boys" are depicted with having upside-down triangular chests, which the "girls" have right-side-up triangular bodies. The stone directly to the right of this stone depicts a few of my animals. The first three shapes at the top are of my three dogs, Bear, Molly, and (our newest edition) Thor. Directly below them are my chickens (unfortunately we've had them for so long that I can't remember their names). The last stone contains images of the rest of my animals. The top three spots are my cats Wesson, Smith, and Timba. Directly beneath them are my ducks (Jack, Prim, Chuck, Lucy, Daisy).  I guess you can say that I have a pretty large family! I chose to depict my animals using globby spots because it was the easiest method with the paintbrush that I made and I feel that the animals are more abstract this way. 
The final two pictures are of my paintbrush that I made using a stick, dog's hair, and grass.

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