Friday, June 26, 2015

Terra M says Rise and Shine!

Materials: #1: Frosted Mini Wheats cereal, a bowl, spoons and milk.
Line: both pieces use line, picture one has the “line” created by the spoons and also almost a circular line created within the pieces of cereal.
           #1: Mostly Neutrals, use of beige (light brown), white, black and grey and then there is the pop of deep red that draws your eye to the center. 
Shape: #1: is static, and geometricà circles and rectangles. In my media the pieces themselves encompass then entire area and so I would say they both consist of positive shapes.
Texture: Both are real texture.
Value: #1 this medium does have both dark values and light, such as the deep red bowl and white milk, also my counter in the background is dark, the cereal as very light color on it. There is no any use of shadowing/shading however.
Balance: Both: near symmetrical balance, symmetry was the goal for both pieces, in piece #1 though I noticed I was unable to get high enough above my counter to get all of the cereal pieces on the top half in the picture, however I guess that creates a balance between left and right side half in a way just not top and bottom.
Rhythm/repetition: Both: Repetition is used in both pieces, #1 has the repeated cereal pieces and pattern along with the intervals of a spoon. #2 has the double que-tips, and used in pairs repeatedly to make the outline, also with the darts.
Unity: #1 I think this has unity, all the necessary things one needs to eat cereal.

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