Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nicole L is awesome!

All Work – No Play
I have titled this picture as “All Work – No Play”.  I find it humorous because I had a lot of fun creating this design… while I was at work.  All of the media I used within this design are items that I use every day at my job.  This piece is formally balanced and has a lot of repetition (the post-it notes, alternating black and blue pens, and the dry erase markers around the exterior of the heart) which creates rhythm.  In addition, the vertical lines of the alternating black and blue pens create rhythm.  I incorporated a lot of variety into the design by utilizing various items with different shapes, sizes and color.  Due to the bright polychromatic colors of the post-it notes, I would say the heart is the focal point of this piece.  Which is also a reflection of how I feel about my job… I love my job! 

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