Friday, June 27, 2014

Alanna, Heart of the Country!

My first heart was taken on top of a rock up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, it is very simple. I definitely could have added more materials to it, however, to me when I'm hiking through the mountains it is the least materialistic place to be, and everything is as simple as I can imagine. In this image, repetition is found from the leaves, sticks, and rocks used. It is near symmetrical due to the heart not being measured precisely, and my feet being added to the photo to add scale. This photo is a great example of texture due to the roughness of the rocks that is shown through the image very well. I used a basic color scheme of neutrals, yellow, and green to stay with a natural theme of the woods. The single yellow sunflower is standing alone in the center of the heart to add emphasis.

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