Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lisa O.'s Woodland Heart!

This symmetrical piece was created of all organic garden and woodland objects such as flower petals, berries, living moss, lichen covered moss, acorns, leaves and small sticks.  The central heart of violet/blue larkspur flowers in a bed of yellow calendula petals surrounded by the red berries create the focal point and almost suggest triadic harmony of color.  The living moss carpet provides real texture and variety and is outlined by lichen covered moss providing analogous color and value contrast.  More analogous color is provided by the ivy leaf outline surrounding the lichened bark pieces.  The yellow leaves, yellow flower petals and red berries provide warm tones while the analogous greens and the violet/blue petals supply the piece with cool colors.  The acorns, berries and the sticks outlining the edge create repetition.  The acorns and sticks offer their neutral tones as well as adding variety of real texture.  The white background supplies contrast to the dark green ivy leaves and tiny sticks.

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