Thursday, June 13, 2013

Georgia P. Starts the hearts rolling!

The second heart was made from Hershey’s kisses, pineapple, bananas and strawberries, set on a black background.  The shape of this piece is formed by items used.  I actually cut the pineapple in the shape of a heart.  The colors that are employed are mostly reds and yellows with silver being included as well.  The yellows and reds utilize two colors from the primary color triad.  This piece utilizes mostly warm coloring.  The silver wrapping of the Hershey’s kisses would be considered neutral since it falls under the gray spectrum.  I have added contrasting value by incorporating light and dark yellows, and also the bright red.  This piece is symmetrically balanced.  Repetition is used as we continue making a heart out of one item to another.  Real texture has been used.  Emphasis and focal point is in the center of the piece which is made from pineapple.  The proportions are harmonious and balanced.

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