Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ming K's Hungry Heart!

2) The second piece of art is called “Food”. I used cigarettes and chopsticks to create the inside shape of a heart, and sushi to create the outline of the heart. In “Food”, I focused on the variety of textures and materials, lines, and the shape. I used cigarettes to make a big material contrast to sushi. Since I am a smoker, I totally feel that eating and smoking have some similarities. They both could be addictive and will make you feed yourself regularly. Therefore, I used sushi, which has many things in one and which seems like an epitome of a meal, to show these similarities. The reasons I putted a chopsticks at middle of the heart are not only I wanted readers feel like face a meal when they look at my art work, but also smoking could lead someone to have a heart attack (I imagine having heart attack is like splitting one’s heart in two). Moreover, as I arranging the inside shape of heart, I ordered them regularly in order to contrast the irregular shape of sushi. I also recognized that the color of filter could actually create a cubic (I’m not sure am I using the correct word here) shape of heart and could compare to curvy shape of the outer heart.

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